Listen, understand, build, structure, support…

Listen and understand
Build and structure
Support and optimise

Our job is to assist you in person, in order to help you focus on and provide answers to any concern you have on your finances – savings, investments, taxes, retirement and pension… – ensuring you make the right decisions.

To this end, we organized our service offering around several types of mandates:

Discretionary management

Some of our clients believe that they lack time, interest or skill to be able to manage their investments autonomously. Therefore, they wish to largely outsource this task to a team of seasoned portfolio managers. In these cases, our relationship with them may consist in a discretionary management mandate adapted to their specific investor profile.

After an appropriate investment profile is attributed (yield, conservative, balanced, dynamic), and investment objectives and strategy are set, the client authorises his portfolio manager and PFM (ASIA) to make investment decisions on his behalf, in compliance with his guidelines. Your manager has a duty to use his experience and skills in your best interest, while remaining attentive to your preferences. He relies on the support of the company’s other team-members, as well as a solid outside intelligence network, to seize opportunities. Our managers are committed to maintain regular contacts with their clients, to not only stay updated on their personal situation, but also ensure that the adopted path remains relevant.

This service aims at meeting a three-fold expectation:

– Personal definition of each client’s objectives

– Rigor and professionalism in the investment and risk-control processes

– Transparency in management reporting

Advisory and brokerage

Following a thorough review of a client’s personal and financial situation, which allows to define his/her specific goals and an appropriate investment strategy, our managers identify the most suitable investment opportunities.

Through regular contacts initiated by either the client or the company, our managers strive to deliver information and recommendations on investments that fulfill the said objectives.

Under this scheme, the investment decisions remain within the exclusive control of our clients.

Our mandates can be denominated in either of two base currencies : Euro and US Dollar.

Collective investment fund management

Seeking to offer a range of investment solutions as complete as possible, PFM (ASIA) acts as promoter and exclusive investment manager of PFM ASIA PATRIMOINE, a Mauritius-registered collective investment fund.

Learn more about PFM ASIA PATRIMOINE

Wealth and financial planning

PFM (ASIA) partners with the best specialists to assist in the various specifics of wealth and financial planning.

Our international network of correspondents practicing private, corporate, and tax law, combined with our general insight on these subjects, allow us to provide relevant answers to our clients’ concerns.

This service contributes in a significant way to build with our clients a solid foundation upon which their wealth is managed efficiently.

In order to preserve their wealth, and optimise its organisation, evolution and transmission, we help our clients to accomodate – and possibly anticipate – changes in the regulatory context.

Real Estate

In order to assist our clients choosing and financing their real estate investments, PFM (ASIA) benefits from the outside support of professionals specialising in international real estate operations.

Thanks to our long experience monitoring the European and international property markets, as well as our partnerships with selected service providers (real estate agents, appraisers, insurance brokers), we strive to help our clients organize and manage their real estate assets.