A collective investment solution for your wealth

In a context of sustained development of its activities, PFM (ASIA) set up the « PFM ASIA PATRIMOINE » collective investment scheme in 2015. PFM (ASIA) acts as exclusive investment manager for the fund.

PFM ASIA PATRIMOINE is specifically designed to meet the needs of wealthy individuals seeking a balanced mix of appreciation potential and long-term safety of principal.

To fulfil this goal, PFM ASIA PATRIMOINE invests its assets on the international equity and fixed income markets, according to a methodology internally developped by PFM (ASIA)’s portfolio management team.

An inherently flexible and diversified fund, PFM ASIA PATRIMOINE distinguishes itself by, inter alia, an ability to modify its asset allocation at any given time, thus maintain a risk/reward profile as attractive as possible for its holders.


PFM ASIA PATRIMOINE’s Net Asset Value as of 30/09/2019 : 104.51 euros per share
Net performance since inception (on 25/08/2015) : +4.5%

ISIN code : MU0490S00005
Custodian bank: the Mauritius Commercial Bank.
Fund administrator: Rogers Capital

Auditor : Moollan & Moollan


PFM ASIA PATRIMOINE is a Mauritius-registered fund authorized by the Financial Services Commission, classified in the « Expert Fund » category. As such, it is exclusively intended for « accredited » investors meeting certain conditions.

Please refer to the fund’s regulatory documentation for more information.